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CandyDepot Educational Game

CandyDepot is an educational game app running on iPads.

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CandyDepot 2.0 Educational Game for iPad


Video Demo of Version 1.0

Presented by Dr. Anderson Norton


Description of Version 2.0

CandyDepot is an educational game designed for elementary and middle school mathematics students and their teachers. The game invites players to work their way up the corporate ladder by managing the shipping department at Candy Inc..

CandyDepot supports students' development of units coordination — a mental activity that is critical for understanding whole number multiplication, fractions concepts, and algebraic reasoning. In CandyDepot, students are challenged to coordinate various levels of units: bars, bundles, and boxes, as well as fractions of those units.

Upon entering the CandyDepot, the benevolent President Carmello fast tracks you for promotion. She informs you that you are now responsible for shipping candy bars to customers across the United States. To prove your worth, you must package and ship the correct number of candy bars to fill customer orders.

You must first choose how many bars go in each bundle and how many bundles go in each box. Try all possible combinations of bundling and boxing to beat the game! In addition to correctness, performance is rated by how efficiently you package each order — using the fewest number of items (bars, bundles, and boxes) as possible. You must work quickly and efficiently to impress the ever-grumpy Boss Cog!

Teacher's Handbook for Version 1.0

Getting Started with the CandyDepot Educational Game


CandyDepot Educational Game for iPad is available for download free of charge from the Apple App Store. Click here to see its iTunes Preview.


CandyDepot was developed by the Learning Transformation Research Group (LTRG) at Virginia Tech. Version 1.0 was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Discovery Research K-12 (DRK-12) program. Version 2.0 was funded by the United States Math Recovery Council (USMRC).

Screen Shots of Version 2.0

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